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ImageVery few cities like this are capable to show with such a great generosity its soul; the undeniable beauty of this colorful destiny, is only the scene that shelters the development o fan intense cultural life, where traditions and party seem to have its permanent seat, throughout the year. San Miguel de Allende is for much, one of the most beautiful cities in México. Its unique chapel neogothic style presides the conformation of an urban set, on which the centuries have gathered its best shows. Stoned streets, colorful balconies, baroque iron-works, artistic quarries and skies incredibly blue, integrate the atmosphere of a city that has been called, with all justice “Pueblo Mágico” (Wizard Town).

San Miguel de Allende declared Humanity´s Cultural Patrimony by the UNESCO the 7 of july 2008 is a cosmopolitan and colorful colonial city, with a huge renowned world wide. The beauty of its architecture and the placid environment that you enjoy has turned it into an important tourists place for México and the world. Furthermore, it is a cultural center frequently visited by writers and national and foreign artists, whom in love with its original and unique physiognomy, have come to live here and made it home. When appreciating the city at night from the high places, you get the impression of it being a Christmas scene, invaded by hundreds of fireflies and its reduced stone pavement streets have elegant mansions and many temples. This is why it has been designated a “National Monument”.

The quality and hospitality of its people and the incomparable landscapes impress the visitor in a strong manner. San Miguel de Allende also has spectacular resorts, thermal waters and exclusive spas.  


ImageIts height is 1870 mts. above sea level. Adjoins north with the municipality of San Luis de la Paz and Dolores Hidalgo; West with Dolores Hidalgo and Salamanca, south with Juventino Rosas and Comonfort, Southeast with Apaseo el Grande and Northeast with San José Iturbide.It is located 274 kms. from D.F. and 97 kms. from Guanajuato.

There are thermal and alkaline water springs, such as El Chorro, Cieneguita, Montecillo, Atotonilco, Taboada and El Cortijo. Also sulphurous waters as the Xoté Spring which has a temperature of 39°C.

Its media temperature ranges between 16°C and 22°C. It has 52,966 inhabitants.


The name of San Miguel de Allende comes from the names of Fray Juan de San Miguel, founder of the town, and Ignacio Allende, commander of our National Independence. The city of San Miguel el Grande, nowadays Allende was founded in 1542 by Fray Juan De San Miguel in an area inhabited by “guamares purépechas”. Back then it was a town that was lacking water, so it was supplied from a near by spring called Izquinapan, which translated to Spanish means “Dog´s River”, known now as “Manantiales del Chorro”. The town was upgraded to city category in March 8th, 1826 by the Constituyente Congress, with the name of San Miguel de Allende.

On XVIII Century and first decade of the XIX Century, San Miguel was a mercantile, industrial and agriculturalist center of great importance, activities that were enhanced with the mining funds from Guanajuato, San Luis Potosí and Zacatecas.  




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