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Type of Measurements in homes

The foot is a unit of length, based on the human foot, which was used by ancient civilizations to measure length. The meter is used almost everywhere in the world, except in English-speaking countries such as the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, where the foot is commonly used.

The Roman foot, was equivalent, on average, to 29.57 cm; the Carolingian foot, formerly called the Drusian or Drusic foot -pes drusianus-, was equivalent to nine-eighths of the Roman, or approximately 33.26 cm; and the Castilian foot was equivalent to 27.8635 cm.

Today, the foot has been replaced almost everywhere in the world by the units of the International System (SI), except in common use in some English-speaking countries, where it is equivalent to 30.48 cm. Even now it is the unit of measurement used in aeronautics to refer to altitude.


Measurement units 

English nomenclature

1 foot (singular); abbreviation: ft

3 feet (plural)

3 ft (abbreviated)

3 ′ (prime)



0.3333333333333333333333 yards

12 inches

0.000189 miles

30.48 cm



1 ft is equivalent at 30.48 cm. 



Foot convertion table

You can reach this type of measure in this home of example

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