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Turquesa Chipman

Office: +52-415-152-5220

Cell: +1-917-318-7745


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Turquesa Chipman possesses all the qualities necessary to be your perfect real estate agent in San Miguel de Allende. Born in Zihuatanejo to an American mother and a Mexican father from one of Zihuatanejo’s oldest families, Turquesa is bilingual and bicultural in the most complete sense. Her eye for design and detail allows her to cultivate cultural harmony in the spaces in which she works—a skill that aids in finding the perfect homes for her clients. 
The bulk of Turquesa’s professional work has revolved around design in one way or another, beginning with her role as primary buyer for one of Manhattan’s top gardening centers. Her taste for detail allowed her to order plants, pottery, and outdoor furnishings that she knew would fit beautifully and gracefully into her client’s NYC apartments and rooftop decks, and this knack for detail and design is something she’s continued cultivating as she’s exposed herself to innumerable cultures and art types. Turquesa brought this global influence into play when she designed her boutique bungalow in Zihuatanejo, replete with its ecologically balanced architectural style and tasteful decor from different parts of Mexico’s unique and diverse artisanal scene. 
Turquesa’s appreciation for art and culture is influenced largely by her extensive global travels and residencies, which include a 15 year stretch in New York City, one year in Switzerland, seven years in Moscow, two years in Denver, and now a year in San Miguel de Allende—with each move adding nuance to her decorative taste.
Turquesa moved to San Miguel to pursue new opportunities and to provide her son with a more expansive bicultural education. Since moving here, she has been mentored by Wesley Gleason, the owner of one of San Miguel’s most successful companies—now immersed in the world of real estate, she has found a place where she can use her interpersonal skills in conjunction with her talent for interior design to find the perfect home for you and to help you make it your own with her valuable, tailored creative input. 
With her charisma, her innate sense of cooperation, and her sophisticated eye for design, Turquesa is eager to put her skills to work to help you acquire the home of your dreams.

Jim Castro

Phone: 52-415-154-5944

Vonage: 415-839-5222 Cell: 521-415-151-7658


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Jim Castro is the founder of Agave Rentals and brings a wealth of real estate experience to Agave. A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Jim earned an MBA from UCLA in real estate finance before managing retail real estate for some of the top retailers in the US, including Gap, Banana Republic, and Coach.

After moving to San Miguel and restoring an 18th Century colonial property 12 years ago, he fell in love with San Miguel and has made it his permanent home. Jim has joined Agave to launch its rental division, bringing his real estate and financial experience to the rental market in San Miguel de Allende

Wesley Gleason

Phone: 52-415-152-2180

Business: 415-839-5222 Cell: 521-415-114-1422


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Wesley Gleason founded Agave San Miguel 11 years ago, bringing together the best real estate agents in San Miguel. A native of Atlanta, Wesley has come to San Miguel throughout his life and has lived full-time in San Miguel for the last 12 years.  

Wesley worked as a psychotherapist in San Francisco and New York before making San Miguel his home.  Having restored an 18th Century home in Centro, Wesley is knowledgeable about the process and has remained intrigued by San Miguel real estate and architecture ever since.